Oakham welcomed Kirby Muxloe to the Vale for the second time this season.

Successful on four of the five rinks Oakham repeated their earlier success winning by a large margin.

The kitty rink was skipped by Paul Murrant, they only dropped 4 shots.



Bob Spence, David Thorne, Gail Robertson, Paul Murrant                             Won      36 - 4

Derek Bury, John Moore, Chris Wallis                                                                     Won      23 - 10

Lindsey Walters, David Morgan, Barrie Payne                                                     Won      21 - 11

Gwyn Davies, Ray Wilkins, Alan Jones, Ray Gregory                                         Won      18 - 15

Bob Swarbrick, Rick Tarleton, Bob Hammond                                                      Lost        11 - 26