Playing the penultimate match in the OK trophy series against Keyworth, Oakham won the tie with a handsome 45 shot margin.

Oakham, the trophy holders , carry a cumulative 109 advantage into the last match to be played away.

An exuberant Barrie Payne skipped the kitty rink winning teir game by a massive 19 shots!!


Bob Spence, David Thorne, Reg Goode, Barrie Payne Won 26 7

Ray Wilkins, Gail Robertson, John Rogers, Paul Murrant Won 28 11

Graham Cook, Bob Stark, Norman Coville, Ray Gregory Won 26 15

Lindsay Walters, Bob Swarbrick, Denis Smith, Bob Hammond Won 19 13

Alan Jones, John Moore, Ivan Lang, Chris Wallis Lost 17 24