On Saturday Oakham’s winning streak came to an abrupt end by visitors Corby Seagrave.

Corby are a strong team and despite some valiant bowling on the rinks skipped by Oakham stalwarts Chris Wallis and Bob Hammond the remaining three rinks lost resulting in a heavy defeat for the home team.


David Hillier, Derek Bury, Gail Robertson, Chris Wallis                                      Won      23 – 10

Bob Swarbrick, Eileen Wright, Reg Goode, Bob Hammond                            Won      23 – 20

Gwyn Davies, Rod Groombridge, Michele Totaro, Barrie Payne                  Lost        17 – 19

Richard Ward, Ray Wilkins, Peter Ferry, Ray Gregory                                       Lost        12 – 29

Roger Lancaster, Ann Preston-Bambridge, Peter Gleeson, Alan Jones     Lost        12 – 30