Oakham  116    Narborough  69


Narborough hosted Oakham on Saturday for the final match of the season. An administrative error by Narborough  resulted in them being a rink short!

  After a captains conference  Oakham  loaned  a brace of   players to their hosts enabling two rinks  to play two wood triples. 

 The reconfigured  match, played on an excellent green,  was thoroughly enjoyed by both teams with a resounding win for Oakham by 47 shots.



Rosemary Gregory, Janet Horwood, Gail Robertson                            Won  30 - 14


Janet Rogers, Terry Jeffery, Chris Wallis                                                Won  28 - 12


Lindsay Walters, Norman Hardman, Ros Carter, Barrie Payne          Won  26 - 13


Hazel Jeffery, Richard Ward, Peter Gleeson, John Rogers                 Won  21 - 14


Graham Cook, Ray Wilkins, Ann Preston-Bambridge, Ray Gregory  Lost  11 - 16